Mamaku Point Conservation Reserve purchased the Celium remote trap monitoring system in August 2018, with the objective of reducing the significant time we have previously been required to spend each week checking our network of 270 rat, cat and possum traps.

We were able to set up the system ourselves, without the need for on-the-ground support from Encounter Solutions,  which was helpful given that we are located on Stewart Island, and we commissioned the system in September 2018.

The Celium system has worked perfectly from day one, despite the fact that Mamaku Point is a rugged, densely forested,  peninsula. When a pest animal is caught, we are notified via mobile app and simply have to go directly to that trap to clear and reset it.  No more constantly having to check empty traps.

Given that the Celium Nodes are working in even the densest bush,  we’re realising greater savings of time and effort than we had anticipated, and we would highly recommend the system for any conservation project wanting to spend their time an effort as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Roy Thompson


Mamaku Point Conservation Trust