Mobile apps
Trap.Watch is an example of an Encounter Solutions proprietary mobile application (app). It enables users to easily view and manage the real-time status of their trap networks in map and list formats, as well as to capture critical trapping information and other user input data. See below for details.

Web portal
The Encounter Solutions web portal enables Celium owners and users to view and manage their Celium networks online. The portal provides real-time status information of Celium trap networks in interactive map formats as well as summary statistical information and network efficiency data.

Encounter Solutions can provide customised analysis, reporting and presentation of Celium-collected data. For example, customised reports might include summary data in spreadsheet format and dynamic Google Earth visualisations of Celium network activity over time.

Trap.Watch App

Trap.Watch is a custom app for working with pest animal trapping programs. The app, currently in beta testing, is specially designed to interface with Celium wireless sensor networks. The app enables users to:

  • Deploy Celium hub sites and wireless sensor nodes and capture GPS coordinates
  • Deploy and maintain trap networks
  • Display real time trap status information delivered through Celium networks (e.g. display sprung traps)
  • Capture critical trapping information, photographs and other user input data
  • Work in remote areas with no cell network coverage, synchronising data when back in coverage
  • Pass field-collected data through Celium networks in near real time (in-development functionality)
  • View¬†maps online and offline
  • Get offline support for LINZ Topo50 (1:50,000 scale) map series
  • Search and locate trap deployments on maps
  • Personalise their own template to enable more rapid trap and sensor node deployments

Trap.Watch is currently available for devices running Android. Support for other mobile platforms such as iOS will follow.